How To Prepare Hengua

For Jagua Gel

Replace the water with Jagua, the more Jagua you use, the darker the stain will be. Continue using the same ingredients that you normally use when preparing your Henna paste.

You can create your own catalog of mixtures of HENNA and JAGUA and obtain the colors and tones desired.

There is no official recipe, take in your hands HENNA and JAGUA and let your imagination fly.After applying the final product on the skin, leave it at least 2 hours and then remove it with jet of cold water under pressure; at first you will get a shadow that will take its most powerful color within 24 to 48 hours.

Preparing 1 Oz Of Gel With Jagua Powder

First, add 2.5 Jagua Powder in 25 ml of warm water and mix until the powder dissolves completely in the water; Jagua powder is 100% water soluble. Then add the thickener (Xanthan Gum) and stir until you find the desired consistency; take some generous time to stir it until the thickener does its job. Finally add the oil and stir again until you have a uniform gel able to go out the needle. Now you can place the gel in an applicator or in a cone and blow your imagination making beautiful designs.
Due to the nature of the product, designs created with powder always dry quickly and sometimes they usually create hard layers, this is normal.


Directions For Use

Open the packages carefully, especially the bottles containing JAGUA JUICE. It is recommended to wear rubber gloves during handling as Jagua’s stain is very powerful. You will need a towel, applicator bottle, alcohol and water in case you suffer an unexpected accident handling the product containing the Genipin substance which stains the skin with an amazing dark color.