How To Store Jagua?

Jagua is a temporary tattoo ink, commenly used by henna & mehndi artists. It is derived from the Genipa Americana fruit indigenous to the South & Central American rainforest, extensively found in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

 It is a natural product that uses a food preservative accepted by the WHO (World Health Organization).
Being a natural juice it needs to remain under refrigeration between 3°C to 7°C under refrigeration conditions Jagua Juice will last up to 5 months. 

JAGUA POWDER: It must remain in proper conditions; away from moisture or very dry places.
Jagua Powder will last more than 4 year without refrigeration & can even be refrigerated to prolong its life. 

JAGUA GEL: If you have not finished using the Jagua Gel, you should refrigerate it immediately.
After 2 months Jagua Gel will lose it's power to stain the skin.

RECOMMENDATION: Just prepare Jagua Gel as you need it.

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